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Sunday, 17 September 2017

I did not Issue A Statement on Anambra Election – Pete Edochie

I read the news being circulated on the social media that I, Pete Edochie asked Anambra voters to disregard the calls by IPOB to boycott Anambra elections come November 19th. I want to categorically state that I have not issued any statement on Anambra Elections. I hereby urge the public to disregard such statement being credited to me as outright falsehood.

It is sad that people can sit in the comfort of their homes and credit me with things I did not say. Such is outright mischievous and I must warn that this should stop forth with.

The language exhibited in the write up is not my style. I don’t use gutter language. I can make my point without disparaging anybody.

People have tried to drag me into controversies in the past but I have resisted all of them and now for someone to consciously turn me against not just my brothers but some revered segment of the society is most execrable and unacceptable. “If this is a well orchestrated idea to tarnish my image it will not succeed. I am grateful to God and I enjoy a lot of respect in this country, much as I am inconvenienced by this, I will rise above It. l am fighting the temptation to place a curse on whosoever is behind this. If l wish to comment on national issue or any issue at all I will use the electronic and print media not mischievous gossip channels.’’  

This press statement issued by the doyen of the silver screen is in reaction  to the message making round in whatsapp and other social media that he called on Anambra people to disregard IPOB call for election boycott. The boycott message was credited to Pete Edochie, purportedly originated from 08034072277 and called on Anambra people to disregard the call by IPOB to boycott the election in Anambra state. It is unacceptable to credit him with a statement he never made.

“I have never commented on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or twitter. I am blissfully computer illiterate so I urge the public to totally discard messages or comments credited to me on social media. He posite.

By Stanley Okoronkwo

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