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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Diddy & DJ Khaled collaborate for new Talent Show

 Diddy and DJ Khaled are deep in negotiations with Fox for a new talent competition show, "The Four." neither of them have signed but negotiations are far along

TMZ was told there will be 4 judges. Diddy is the mogul, DJ Khaled is the producer. There will also be a songwriter, and the 4th judge will be a performer. At least one of the remaining 2 spots will be a woman.

The centerpiece of the show will be contemporary pop with an emphasis on hip hop. It will be an ongoing battle, with new competitors trying to knock out the front-runners. In the end, the winner will get the entire judges panel behind them to launch their career -- a mogul, a producer, a songwriter, and someone to perform onstage with.

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