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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Businessman dies while celebrating 65th birthday

A businessman, John Anderson has died while celebrating his 65th birthday in Costa Rica, as he plummeted 100ft to his death while rappelling from a rain forest treetop restaurant .

Father-of-four was enjoying a meal atop a ceiba tree at the Pacuare Lodge on Sunday when the tragedy unfolded. He rappelled out of the, restaurant but something went horribly wrong, and he fell to the forest floor Saturday.

'He wasn't on a rappelling adventure, he was just getting back to the ground from the tree', his business partner James Ryan Jr., at Ryco Management told the Democrat and Chronicle.

Ryan added: 'There's a safety system but for whatever reason it didn't work.'

Anderson was having dinner with four friends at the popular eco-lodge where guests zip-line onto a platform for dinner and exit the tree top restaurant via rappel. 

Source: Daily Mail

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