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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

7 Things to Avoid When You Create a Facebook Page

Here are seven common mistakes to avoid when creating a Facebook page, especially for marketers intending to use the social media platform.

  • Don’t create a profile instead of a page for your business.

  • Don’t neglect to monitor your Facebook page post and comments.

  • Don’t ignore negativity. Whether it’s a troll or complaint.

  • Don’t leave the meta description as is: When you paste a link into a new Facebook post, the meta data from that post (an image and a short description) gets pulled in automatically. But that doesn't mean you should just press "Publish." Instead, add some relevant post copy.

  • Don’t make your post too long; Research shows shorter post have higher engagement compared to longer post.

  • Don’t post images of just any size: Pixilated & cluttered images are very difficult to read. They are not attractive to your audience.

  • Don’t post too often: Studies show engagement drops when you post too often. The rule of thumb is to keep it between 1-3 posts/day.

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