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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Professionals League: When professionals ditched suits for Jerseys

The passion Nigerians have for football and sports is undeniable. The Twitter Premier League tapped into that passion and built on it to introduce an actual Football event where fans could come out to show their skills on the pitch.

8 editions and 3 years after, it's time for The Twitter Premier League to move to the next iteration in accordance with its original vision: The Professionals League.

We know that private sector participation in football is the only way to introduce a grassroots programme funded by corporate bodies willing to put their talents and resources where their passion lies. The Professionals League will provide a platform for various professionals in different walks of life to express their childhood creativity/dreams in play, while opening the door to the much needed funding Nigeria needs to take our sports talent global.

Each new TPL event will showcase a new set of teams pitched against each other in a rivalry driven football tournament with a family-friendly party atmosphere.

It's not just Twitter anymore. It's time to take our national pride, passion and power for sports global, until the world sees what we are truly made of.

Goodbye to the Twitter Premier League (TPL).

Welcome to The Professionals League (TPL).

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