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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Snake Catcher pulls large Python out of toilet (Photos)

A snake made itself so comfortable inside a family's toilet that it refused to leave, according to the snake catcher who was called out to evict it.

The carpet python wedged itself so far down the toilet in the Charters Towers home and got such a good grip on the pipe that all efforts to remove it proved futile.

It took licensed snake catcher Leanne Colthup three tries to remove the 'rather large and cheeky sod', because every time she got near the snake, it retreated further down the bowl.

She reached out to her more experienced colleagues on Facebook, asking them for tips on how to dislodge the animal.

Her workmates didn't reply, but nearly 50 other people did, offering advice of varying degrees of helpfulness.

One commenter suggested holding an ice cube on the snake's back to help relax its muscles, while others wrote that they're never going to use a toilet again.

After failing twice on Monday night, she returned on Tuesday morning and finally freed the snake by yanking it out by the head before it could get a grip on the toilet.

Ms Colthup released the snake, which was 2 metres long and weighed about 10kg, back into the wild as required by law.

'We think it came through the vent in the top of the toilet which is not covered in mesh — they're getting it covered today,' she told the Townsville Bulletin.

She said that the snake had probably gone in search of frogs and rodents in the area, and then found a home in the toilet.

Ms Colthup, who is also an ecologist and teacher, advises people to remain calm if they discover a snake in their home.

'Block off the exits and call a snake catcher. Keep an eye on it as it makes it easier to catch,' she said.

This is not the first time she has had to pull a snake from a toilet but fortunately, the Charters Towers home had two toilets and residents could use the other.

After posting the picture on social media, Ms Colthup said she has has 'a flood' of panicked messages.

'There are lots of people freaking now out about using the toilet!'

Source: Daily Mail

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