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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Man kills his mother, sister & friend with a hammer

A man, Bobby Vanderhall has been accused of breaking into his mother's house and bludgeoning her and two others to death on Saturday in New York.

The 34-year-old man allegedly took a large hammer from Lynn Vanderhall's garage on Perry Street in Long Island around 1.15am and broke through a basement door.

He then beat his mother, 58-year-old Lynn Vanderhall, to death in the kitchen, according to police.

Next, he found his sister, 29-year-old Melissa Vanderhall, and one of Melissa's friends on the staircase and beat them with the hammer, authorities said. The friend was able to escape, however, and call for help.

Vanderhall found the last victim, 29-year-old Janel Simpson, in an upstairs room. She also died from bludgeoning.

Vanderhall had been kicked out of his mother's house and was homeless, according to Lt Stephen Fitzpatrick of Nassau County homicide.

According to police, Lynn Vanderhall had an order of protection against her mentally troubled son.

'When he came here last night, the doors were secured and he became enraged,' said Lt Fitzpatrick.

'He went to the garage, he obtained a large hammer...With this hammer, he broke through the basement door.'

The survivor, who wasn't identified, was hospitalized in stable condition. Police said.

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