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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

JBB Exclusive: Actor Seun Akindele & producer, Emma Ayaka fight dirty on set

... Emma Ayaka invites SSS

... Seun Akindele calls soldiers

Nollywood actor, Seun Akindele and a movie producer, Emma Ayaka, who he was to work on his set last week have fought dirty, sources from the movie production told Julia Blaise Blog JBB).

According to the information gathered, Mr. Akindele, who was working alongside actress, Lillian Esoro abandoned the movie set after collecting his complete fee. He allegedly resheduled the producer's time and still refused to show up.

Akindele, who was billed to play 15scenes within five days, left the job undone and told the producer he will act all the scenes in one day, while Lillian Esoro, who has been waiting on set could not do anything without him. Akindele, we gathered crippled the time of both the producer and other actors on the production.

However, after waiting for 15days, Mr. Ayaka invited officers of State Security Service (SSS), who brought Akindele to the set and insisted he must finish the job before leaving as he has been paid. He agreed to do the job and the police officers left.

Subsequently, he left the set again and returned with soldiers to deal with Mr. Ayaka, but after hearing both sides of the story, the soldiers insisted Akindele must finish the job he has been paid for. It was at that moment that he decided to start shooting, but the production was said to be filled with chaos till the end.

A source from the set, who begged to remain anonymous told JBB, "A lot of nonsense is happening in the industry these days. What do you expect when Association of Movie Producers, Marketers, Actors' Guild of Nigeria and others are no longer active to regulate the activities of all these actors. These days, you will hire an actor to do your job, if not by the grace your production will remain pending and you will incur debt. Guilds and Associations in Nollywood should look into these problems and do something urgently."

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