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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Exclusive: Actors paying for movie roles on the rise in Nollywood - Actress Chidinma Nwadike

It is fast becoming a thing of general knowledge that rising Nollywood actors, actresses, pay and give producers different forms incentives to feature in movies. However, it's almost shocking to learn that movie producers, marketers and executive producers demand very expensive iPhones, iPad, money from these artistes to give them roles. Actress Chidinma Nwadike in chat with Julia Blaise Blog  (JBB) revealed that 'wannabe' actresses are lured to act nude with little or no pay.

Actress Chidinma Nwadike, born to the family of Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Nwadike, and has featured in over 70 movies said that she cannot act nude despite insinuations that she can do so.

The nominee for Best Upcoming Actress in Thema Award in the year 2000 for the movie ‘Blood of Ikem’ and Best Supporting Actress in Encomium Entertainment Award in 2009, stated, "As a woman with pride and I have dignity to protect. I have seen lots of things going on in the industry, how "I wanna be girls" take it as fun by playing nude in movies, for how much. This is so bad that, the industry has crashed and needs to be clean by powerful man of God to restore the good atmosphere.

"A lot has gone bad. Even marketers sleep with and demand for iPad, phones from actors and actresses before giving them role in their movies.

Some cast and crew got their jobs by buying one or two things for the E.P, Marketers, producers and directors. It's no longer by merit again. Lots got to stop before it's too late." She concluded.

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