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Charly Boy suspends #ResumeOrResign Protest

The convener of #ResumeOrResign protest, Charly Boy has suspended the peaceful rally, which started last week.

In a Facebook video message, Charly Boy said he will not continue fighting for Nigerian youths, while they fold their hands waiting for Jesus to save them. The top musician recalled that he is an old man at 66 and shouldn’t be fighting for the youths.

"Na grand papa like me at 66 years, na me dey come fight una battle. Una go sidon fold hands dey wait make Jesus come. Make una receive sense because una mumu suppose Do. Charles Oputa, kai I don suffer. See as them dey teargas us, Bihari people dey beat us dey pursue us with daggers, just because we desire s better Nigeria. YOU a young man and woman insult me anyhow. Go and do SOBER REFLECTION," he wrote on Facebook.

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