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Monday, 10 July 2017

US Business School does Case Study on Zuriel Oduwole

The world of business and finance still measures the prospect of future managers and potential global leaders through the prism of business school studies. The MBA study and degree is still the 'must have' badge of honor for students aspiring to lead the worlds biggest corporations. And when it comes to Business Schools, the United States is still the leader in turning out tomorrows best skilled managers.

Ranked No. 6 in the by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2016 for Undergraduate Business studies, No. 6 in the United States by US News & World also in 2015, and ranked No 14 the previous year by Forbes for the MBA category, the McCombs Business School of the University of Texas at Austin boasts a stellar pedigree, in the area of management studies.

So, when its undergraduate class recently used Zuriel Oduwole as a case study in everything from Leadership, Branding, Project Development, Marketing, Creative Writing, Film Making and Motivational Speaking, it seemed the epitome of a 'differentiation strategy', creating ones own unique pathway in a competitive and dynamic global environment.

Zuriel Oduwole and her work in Girls Education Advocacy was also the point of discussion for a group of 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow Students at the University of Texas, who drew great inspiration from her ability to command global attention and speak effortlessly one-on-one with more than 23 world leaders, at such a young age of just 14 years old.  She made her Forbes Magazine interview debut at just 10 years old in 2013, and has since then been featured two more times in Forbes, twice in ELLE and once in VOGUE Magazine, among many US and European titles.

New Africa Magazine ranked her among Africa's 100 Most Influential people in 2013, along with 3 African Presidents [Kenya, Gabon and Malawi], and Africa's richest person - Aliko Dangote.

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