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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Two Sister stab each after long night of binge drinking

Two sisters,Jordan and Chelsea Pedro stabbed each other in front of three children, after a long night of binge drinking, police said.

They returned to Jordan's apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, early Friday morning and got into a knife fight, leaving the apartment and at least one kid covered in blood, KRQE reported.

The sisters couldn't remember why the violent fight broke out once they sobered up, but the two appeared in court on Saturday morning to face child abuse charges.

The two sisters had gone out drinking on Thursday, and continued downing alcohol once they returned home. By early Friday morning, one of the sisters called the police saying she had been stabbed, when police arrived at the home, the two sisters were intoxicated, and the apartment was covered in blood.

Three children were in the apartment at the time, and one child ended up with his face covered in blood. They were not injured.

The two sisters have been charged with child abuse, and the kids are now in state custody.

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