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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Headmistress kicks Girls out of School for wearing braid

A Facebook user has alleged that her niece has been kicked out of school for wearing braids. Siyabonga Ngwenya says her niece, at a school in Gauteng, South Africa was told "no girl will come back with that hair". The Facebook post reads…

"I've been kicked out of school"

now when your niece calls you on the morning of the first day of school to let you know she's been kicked out of school... what do you do or say? 

I rolled my eyes and thought: "it's the braids again" she's been at #WindsorHouseAcademy in Kempton Park, Gauteng since the 8th grade and it's been a constant issue with the headmistress, Mariette Van Heerden - she's been policing the black girls hair at every chance and I guess today she felt she'd had enough and kicked the girls out with the warning: "no girl will come back with that hair".

I'm at a loss and although we've ranted about this, black girls' hair is still being policed in schools -
My niece said all the girls with braids, dreads and 'inappropriate' hair were summoned and were proceeded to be told off and at some point she went off on a rant calling them amongst other things: idiots, demotivated, failures and when one of the girls called her out asked her where they would feel inspired with a headmistress like her - she flipped and went on another rant.

The girls were then made to write letters to their folks promising to adhere to school rules - she took those letters in and told them she won't be taking any calls from parents discuss the matter and sent them home... 

*the girls in the photo are just some of the learners that were thrown out - there was a whole lot more... 

I'm gonna show up to school tomorrow with my Afro out and see what happens - I'm sick of this mess


The school has not yet commented.

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