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Badoo Cult group attack Church in Owode, Ajegunle, kill three

The alleged ritual cult members, Badoo, appear to have progressed in their killing in Ikorodu ares of Lagos State, as they reportedly struck at Owode Ajegunle, where, at least, three people were feared killed.

The cultists initially went to a Celetial Church at Victoria Anibaba Street, where they stole some items before striking at Crystal Church of Christ (C&S) Aladura located at no 4, Victoria Anibaba Street, Owode Weighbridge, along Ikorodu Road, leaving sorrow, tears and blood on their trail as four family members were hacked.

According to witnesses, the cultists attacked the wife of the founder of the church, Mrs. Ajidara, her two-year old daughter and another woman who lived in the church with her daughter, killing the other woman and the two girls.

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