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Friday, 21 July 2017

Actress Ufuoma McDermott cries out as her daughter is diagnosed with Chickenpox

Nollywood actress,  Ufuoma McDermott has lamented over her toddler daughter, Kesuena's health condition, as she was recently diagnosed with chickenpox despite all the numerous vaccines she has reportedly taken. She related her experience on social media to warn other mothers. Read below. ..

"Hi guys. Hello mummies. Hello daddies. This week, my darling sweet chubby and always happy baby #Kesiena fell ill. Her temperature went as high as 38.4 ( Honestly, I know I should panic but I don't anymore. Even when it goes as high as 39. I don turn to matron).

"On Wed, I returned from rehearsals and she had little breakouts. Almost like shingles. I called the doctor and after much description, she said it was chicken pox. Mschew! I laughed. HOW? I have NEVER missed a vaccination! She asked me to send a picture of their vaccination cards.

"Please note Isio will be 5 in a few months and should have been done with vaccines. I sent it to her and she said my children have not had almost half of the required vaccines. "No chicken pox, no MMR! No typhoid, they still have a lot to get!" My heart sank.

"I had my Son at a hospital close to a health center and while I was recuperating, he was taken there to recieve his first shot BCG. Since then, I visited the same center with his card to receive vaccination. Same with my daughter.

"Not once did a health official mentioned to us that there were other vaccines to be given which they do not give (I want to assume they do not know because they are honsetly extra nice to all the mothers).

"The doctor went on to tell me how deadly chicken pox is and that if #Kes was a tad younger, it probably would be treated as an emergency. My poor Kes is now locked in. Isio may be affect as he hadn't had the shots either. I am also confined to more knowledge about children and the vaccines they must take.

"Mothers, pls let's read more and exchange experiences. Let's help another mother who may not be as knowledgeable. Phew! I guess we never really stop learning true true," she wrote.

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