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Friday, 2 June 2017

Woman discovers she was pregnant the day she gave birth, 5 months after Tummy Tuck

A 43-year-old mother, Aleta O'Meara from New South Wales who didn't know she was pregnant until her waters broke has spoken about her surprise baby who was was born just five months after she had a tummy tuck.

She had gone to a GP the day before she gave birth as she wasn't feeling well but it was simply put down to the after effects of her operation.

'I literally went to hospital with lower abdominal cramps and I found out I was pregnant in emergency. I had a urine and blood test to confirm then went for an ultrasound and found out the baby was coming that evening,' she told FEMAIL

'We were petrified because we didn’t now if the baby was healthy or not and my husband was on medication for an auto-immune disease which could cause foetal abnormalities'.

Ms O'Meara also had an implant in her arm which should have made falling pregnant practically impossible.

'I'd also had a tummy tuck because I’d lost a lot of weight and to repair my abdominal muscles after my first pregnancy.'

'I told my surgeon afterwards that I sneeze really loudly and violently and was worried I popped a stitch. I also said that "I've got aliens in my stomach" and then I felt the cramping.

'I know the obvious question was how could I not know? But there were all these other things going on, the surgery masked the whole pregnancy,' she said.

Ms O'Meara had to lose 10 kilos before the surgery and medics conducted tests which revealed she had anemia and a b12 deficiency.

'I had problems during surgery and no one knew why, they didn’t know it was Toby,' she said.

‘After my first child I had huge muscle damage,' explaining she and her previous partner had split after she had her first child.

'I wanted to do something for myself because I was always doing things for other people,' she said.

It was her daughter Jaseta, 13, who told her to go to the hospital when she started to feel dizzy, fatigued and the alien-like feeling hadn't subsided.

When doctors realised she was pregnant no one had any time to ask questions as Toby - who was full-term - was due in only a couple of hours.

'First we had to make sure that the baby and I were safe and that the hospital was as prepared as they could be,' she said.

Despite everything that was stacked up against them, Toby was born happy, healthy and with no complications.

'If I had known I was pregnant with him I would have considered termination because of the medication that Rod was on and I didn't want to risk the chance of harming the baby. He was meant to be here, I don’t dispute that,' she said.

Ms O'Meara's mother was in declining health in the weeks leading up to Toby's surprise arrival.

'She couldn’t figure out why she was still here, why was she still alive but she was still here so she could meet Toby,' Ms O'Meara said.

'She thought the nurses and I were lying when we told her.'

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