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Monday, 26 June 2017

Video: AirAsia Flight suddenly starts vibrating like washing machine mid-air

A video has emerged showing the terrifying moment an AirAsia flight with 359 people on board started to shake violently.  Flight D7237 departed Perth Airport shortly before 7am on Sunday on its way to Malaysia but was forced to turn back due to 'technical issues' less than two hours into the trip.

Passengers on the flight reportedly heard a loud bang before the plane started to tremble. 

The AirAsia captain can be heard asking passengers to stay vigilant. 'Please pay attention and also please listen to everything, our survival depends on your cooperation,' he said. 

Passenger Brenton Atkinson told ABC News the plane had been shaking 'pretty bad' when the plane decided to turn back 'about an hour and a half' into the journey.  'It was essentially the engine seized up I think, that's what they told us anyway,' the 24-year-old said. 

Passenger Saya Mae shared a video of the shaky footage to Instagram and captioned it: 'I thought I might die'. 

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