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Senate condemns increasing rate of dropped calls by Telecoms Network Operators

On Tuesday, the 8th Senate passed a Motion on the increasing rate of dropped calls and other unwholesome practices by Telecommunications Network Operators in Nigeria. These dropped calls have cost Nigerians billions of Naira. The senate disclosed that such activity is unacceptable.

The Senate noted that although telecommunications operators have gradually become an integral part of the Nigerian economy and a tool in the social-economic life of Nigerians, millions of subscribers continue to complain about an increasing rate of dropped calls; voice quality problems; and not being able to control their bundle usages, which oftentimes leads to the phone companies automatically switching their services to pricier airtime options.

In this regard, the Senate condemned the inefficiency of GSM Network Operators in Nigeria; urged the NCC to immediately invoke the appropriate provisions of the law to protect Nigerian consumers from such practices; and called on all relevant agencies of government to carry out a thorough investigation on the causes of dropped calls in order to improve the experience of Nigerian customers.

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