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Oprah Winfrey throws Wonder Woman theme Party

Oprah Winfrey in series of Instagram videos Tuesday, gave her followers an inside look at a very special soirée. "So excited 'cause what it's Wonder Woman day in my house. I'm having a party for 28 10-year-olds and Tiana just brought the cake from Charm City Cakes." she said.

Winfrey then offered to fasten the top—made in the superheroine's image—to the cake's base. "I'm going to help you put it on, OK?" she told the employee. "This is a crowning moment!" In her signature singsong voice, she added, "Wonder Womaaaaaan! Happy Wonder Woman day!"

A specialty cake wasn't enough for Winfrey, as she proudly showed off her Wonder Woman-themed popcorn buckets. "And guess what?" she asked. "Wonder Woman cups all just arrived."

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