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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Nollywood awaits Peter Bunor's last film, 'Tribe'

For obvious reasons, Tribe, a film from the stable of IGOSTEVE will pass as one of the most anticipated films in Nollywood. Aside being one of the last films which featured the acting skills of late Peter Bunor, before he took ill and unfortunately died, it has been dogged by many controversies albeit transformations since the film began recording in 2011.

But all that has been rectified now as the producers, Ifeanyi Onyeabor and Steve James have finally closed ranks and are currently in talks with distributors in major African cities for the release of the film. According to the director, Onyeabor, who was also detained by security agents in the course of shooting the film, the African cinema industry should brace up for the film, whose delay is worth the while. “Yes, it has been delayed unduly, but the wait is worth it. The film is dogged by a lot of controversies but everything has been resolved and anytime soon the industry will have a feel of the film and understand that so much has gone into it”.

His partner in the project, Steve James expressed the same optimism about the work. “One unfortunate controversy actually slowed the project down, but thankfully all that have been resolved now. After everything, I discovered that Ifeanyi Onyeabor, actually meant well, and his lawyer and my lawyer sat down and agreed to withdraw the matter from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, though EFCC tried to pursue the matter out of mischief. Ifeanyi is not a fraudster. Everything is over now and we are back again as partners, looking forward to more projects that will shape the landscape of African entertainment.”

Tribe which commenced recording in Ghana, employed the services of actors and crew members from eight African countries and Jamaica after a 3-nation tour for auditions.

The action-packed film has on parade actors like Peter Bunor (Nigeria), Fred Amugi (Ghana), Peachman Akputa (Nigeria), Amanda Ebeye(Nigeria), Kofi Djabi (Jamaica), Ekow Blankson (Ghana), Kafui Danku-Charles-Dean (Liberia) and Williemena Pinky Appleton (Liberia) alongside over two hundred actors who traversed the luscious locations where the film was shot.

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