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Nigerian man, Tunde Alabi Lawal seeks $16k for spine & leg surgery in India

An innocent Nigerian man, Tunde Alabi Lawal has been bedridden after unknown gunmen attacked and shot him in a commercial bus on his way from work in Lagos State in 2013. According to him, he discharged from Igbobi Orthopedic Hospital untreated over lack f funds. Since then, he has been passing through excruciating pains and needs $16,000 for correctional surgery in India. He is therefore beseeching Nigerians to help him raise the fund for his treatment. Continue reading…

"My name is TUNDE ALABI LAWAL I am going through unbearable pain morning and night due to my spine injury. I was shot in a commercial bus on my way coming back from work in year 2013 JULY 7, I was discharged due to lack of fund for the surgery after spending 6months in the hospital IGBOBI OUTHEOPAEDIC HOSPITAL in Palmgrove..

"I do shoemaking to survived for a living.. I go through pains morning & night and the fact i hardly sleep even if I took powerful pain relief drugs. I mess up myself at any point while sitting or even while on bed because I can't control my bladder....no help has come to me not even money to transport myself for my medical checkup until Dec 7-8 2015 when I undergo my first surgery.

"{The Money was raised by a good hearted caring woman Aishat Alubankudi} in Abuja Primus hospital that leads to about ten bullets taken out from my spine and the doctor said I will still need to undergo another surgery to remove the remaining bullets as shown in my xray (The cost estimate of the surgery is $16000) to be done in india and with intensively monitored physiotherapy continuously to help build my nerves & muscles.. prior to the initial $12000 i posted earlier, the $12000 only covers for the surgery alone.

"I will be travelling with my mum as my aid and the doctor said we will be spending a month for proper treatment and physiotherapy. The $16000 will cover for our visa, ticket, surgery and welfare for a month. I got a visa last year when i first learnt that i can get my spine and legs fix in india but it expired when i wasnt able to raise the fund.

"I have that strong faith in me that i can still walk again if i can get the necessary medical attention to help me back to my feet, i can no longer stand tall as i used to before. I believed with everyone support i can get back to my normal life.. PLS AM BEGGING ALL GOOD HEARTED HUMANS TO GIVE ME A REASON TO SMILE AGAIN.

"My sincere gratitude goes to Madam Aishat Alubankudi who solely financed my first surgery in abuja and also got me an apartment. Focus on Disability Foundation UK who helped me with the balance of the rent.

"Ms Ebube Nwagbo and Mrs Iyabo Ojo, Victoria Lasbrey who raised an awareness for me on my behalf on Facebook and so many numerous anonymous nigerians who had deposited their token into my account towards my treatment. I say thank u & I really appreciate and still seek d support of other Nigerians to help me. My Address = No 1 Asaye street Obawole Ifako Ijaye, Local Government Area, Lagos state." He wrote. 

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