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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

MSM Thrill out with A Different Sound

MSM Thrill is a Nigerian hip hop duo from Lagos State, consisting of rapper/ singer Kelly Vinelly ( Momodu Kelly) and rapper, singer/ producer Bobby( Momodu Robertson) it was formed in 2012 and became official 2015, and is set to release their upcoming mixtape later this year, All tracks on the album E.H.S.E was produced by Bobby,

Momodu Kelly and Momodu Robertson are brothers and took the names Kelly Vinelly and Bobby as rapper names, after which they began to record songs together, learning how to structure songs properly and practicing vocal delivery,

A prominent theme in Kelly Vinelly's lyrics is his allegorical use of parts of the speech ranging from word play, simile’s to metaphors from experiences in his natural surroundings,Bobby the other member of MSM Thrill uses different rapping skills which is mostly drawn to storytelling,Collaboration includes working with producer Tommy boy

The group is set to release their debut singles and following after that, their debut mix tape E.H.S.E( Eleventh Hour Simple Effects)

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