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Mother disappears after giving her 1yr-old son overdose of heroin

An unidentified woman in Ohio has disappeared after her one-year-old was rushed to hospital due to a suspected heroin overdose on Thursday evening.

Akron police said they received a call from a nine-year-old in the home just after 6pm, who said the baby boy had stopped breathing, reported News 5.  When police arrived at the scene, the boy's mother was still there, but she has since gone missing

First responders administered a dose of narcan to the one-year-old at the scene in an attempt to revive him, but it was ineffective.

The baby was then rushed to Akron Children's hospital and given a second dose of the opiate antidote, which successfully resuscitated him.

Police believe the child overdosed on heroin that was around his home at 90 Gale Street on Thurday, according to News 5.  The child's mother has not yet been tracked down.

Police said both of the children will be turned over of Summit County Children's Services.

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