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Friday, 30 June 2017

Man Live Streams his shootout with Police on Facebook

A murder suspect live streamed his shootout with police on Facebook in Los Angeles before being brought down by bullets.

The man has not been identified and is still in a serious condition in hospital. One police officer was shot in the crossfire and is in a stable condition.

He was one of four men wanted by LAPD officers in connection with a murder on March 31. The police were in the middle of serving the warrants in Hawthorne on Wednesday when he fled in his car.

Officers gave chase and followed him in a police cruiser until he abruptly stopped and ran out of the vehicle, tearing through apartment complexes while firing back at them.

This is when he began filming himself on his cell-phone. The footage was shared by ABC 7 on Thursday.

'I know I'm dying today. Mommah, I love you. My kids, I love you,' he said as gunshots rang out.

Later in the video, he said: 'They're about to kill me. They got me.'  The man was taken to hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

He is expected to be charged in connection with the March 31 killing.

The shootout sparked chaos in the neighborhood, which is largely residential, and stalled traffic for several hours.


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