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Charly Boy writes lovely note to wife as he dedicates this week to his family

After a near-flopped protest in Lagos on June 12, Charly Boy declared that he will dedicate this week to his family, "After a draining Protest yesterday, am spending one whole week tending to my family. Make I no die for Nigeria wahala, when the people wey dey suffer pass me dey sleep," he said on Facebook. He followed the message with a touching note to his mother, and today, he has written a lovely note to his wife, Lady D. Read below…

"My Wife, 

I trust that our togetherness over the years have taught some people about perseverance, tolerance, discipline and friendship.

Though our marriage has not been a bed of roses like that, but we have managed to stay loyal to one another. I have been our soldier, protecting this fragile thing called marriage. E no easyooooooooo.

Now we know that marriage isn’t about how compatible couples are but how they deal with their incompatibility. You are one of the things in my life that I got right, my ultimate merit badge, may we never grow old.

If no be YOU, Na who. 

Your Loyal Mugu"

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