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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Buhari isn’t President of only those who can speak/understand Hausa – Reno Omokri reacts to Buhari’s audio recording

Reno Omokri has reacted to the audio message reportedly from President Muhammadu Buhari, which was recorded in Hausa language. He question why the president of a country that has English as its official language will address the country in Hausa language. In series of tweets, he asked if other presidents will do such thing. Read below…

"In a nation whose official language is English, President Muhammadu Buhari broadcasts a message in Hausa. Would Trump address America in German? How would Nigeria feel if President Obasanjo had issued a Christmas broadcast to Nigerians in Yoruba of if Goodluck Jonathan had done so in Ijaw?

"President Buhari is the President of all Nigeria. He is not the President of only those who can speak/understand Hausa! This is an outrage!!

"Broadcast in Hausa? How can a NATIONAL leader address Nigerians in a SECTIONAL language? Nigeria has never had a leader as divisive as PMB!

"President Yar'adua also spoke to the BBC by phone. He is Fulani, like PMB. Yet he spoke in English because he was President of all of us!"

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