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Animal seller pumps water into dog's stomach to make more money

A Chinese dog seller has been caught pumping water into dogs' stomachs by force in order to sell them for more money to restaurants. In the footage shared online, the man shoved a hose into a canine's mouth and grabbed it by the snout before pouring water down its throat.

The vendor sells more than a dozen dogs to restaurants by weight every day and this helps him charge a higher price. The vendor was spotted in Yanshi, Henan Province, on June 9 by a passerby who took pictures and video of the horrifying scene.

The materials were published on Chinese news site Tencent on June 10.

The animal vendor ties a cable around their neck of the dogs and ties the cable to the cage. He then forced the thick pipe down the dog's throat, dragged it's mouth to allow water pour into the stomach.

According to the report, the man said he would pump at least two litres of water into a dog. The animal reportedly threw up blood after being force-fed water.

The dog vendor said he sold over a dozen dogs to different restaurants on a daily basis.

He explained that by pumping water into the dogs, he could earn a few hundred yuan (roughly £35) more per day.

However, when onlookers asked the man what he was doing, he apparently lied by saying 'the dogs have to drink more water as the weather is too hot'.

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  1. Why isn't he being arrested for this? What sort of inhumane greedy person would illtreat an innocent dog?