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Monday, 26 June 2017

American Citizen, Marco Ramirez arrested in Nigeria & sent to Kirikiri Prison for fraud

An American citizen, identified as, Marco Antonio Ramirez has been arrested in Nigeria after he duped three Nigerian men $565,000 in green card scam. Ramirez is being held at Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos. 

Believed to be from Dallas, Texas, Ramirez is accused of scamming tens of thousands of dollars from each of the three Nigerian men with the promise of securing them an American green card or US passport.

He was dragged to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission court on Thursday where he pleaded not guilty to a 16-count charge of obtaining money under false presences.

Ramirez was arrested in April over the alleged scam. The court heard he was the managing director of three American companies - USA Now Plc., Eagleford Instalodge Group and USA Now Capital Group.  

He is accused of duping the men between February 2013 and August 2013.

Prosecutor V. O. Aigboje told the court that Ramirez was paid $545,000 by Amb. Godson Echejue. The alleged victim thought he was investing in one of Ramirez's companies in exchange for a US green card.

Another man, Abubakar Umar, allegedly paid the American $10,000 for a non-existent investment program that would make him eligible for a US passport.

The third alleged victim, Olukayode Sodimu, paid Ramirez $10,000 thinking the money was part of the fees for a green card. 

Ramirez's attorney Chukwudi Maduka told the court on Thursday that his international passport had been forfeited as part of a bail application.

The judge opposed bail and ordered him to be held in the prison. 

His next court appearance in July 3.   

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