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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why I Created Samba Juju Music –Aje Success

Upwardly mobile singer and Samba juju music creator, Aje Success, who recently released his debut album, ‘Fayegbami,’ has revealed the secret behind the creation of his genre of music.

Born Opeyemi Busuyi in Ekiti State, Efon Alaye precisely, Aje Success started his sojourn in music as a talking drummer, playing for the likes of Yinka Best and Dele Taiwo, and he was indeed adjudged one of the best talking drummers around.

After many years of polishing his craft and listening to inspirational cuts from the likes of Evangelist Ojo Ade, Orlando Owoh, Dayo Kujore, Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade, Aje Success decided to follow his real passion –singing.

“It was really a good experience playing the talking drum for Yinka Best and Dele Taiwo, but singing has always been my passion, and I actually discovered the full potential 12 years ago. Since then, there is nothing stopping me,” Aje Success reminisced.

He further explained that “I branded my genre of music as Samba Juju because if you listen, it is a good blend of the original samba music and juju. It is quite danceable and entertaining. Besides, this is just one of the numerous steps I have taken to carve a niche for myself.”

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