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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

United Airlines Flight engulfed with fire, passengers evacuated

The engine of a United Airlines Flight 1579 from Newark, NJ to San Francisco, was engulfed by fire, and passengers were evacuated.

The evacuation reportedly took place in Newark Liberty International Airport’s tarmac Tuesday night. Five people suffered minor injuries, according to a tweet by the airport.

"#EWR has reopened after earlier incident of plane with apparent engine fire. Reports of 5 minor injuries. Expect delays remainder of night." The airport reported on Twitter.

The airport’s tower noticed what seemed like flames in one of the plane’s engines as it was taxiing on the runway.

The flight crew issued the plane’s slide chutes and evacuated passengers, while emergency response teams came to the scene to treat injuries.

A passenger shared the video of the flight surrounded by airport taxis, evacuating passengers.

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