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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Newly constructed VIO office collapses in Abuja

The new Directorate for Road Traffic Services (DRTS), otherwise known as VIO office complex now under construction collapsed on Tuesday in Abuja.

The building meant to be a five storey new office accommodation for the DRTS is being constructed by the Federal Capital Territory Development Authority (FCDA) at Mabushi.

There was one casualty and no death recorded, according to the Public Relations Officer of DRTS, Mr. Kalu Emetu.

"Yes there is an incident of building collapse at the new office site of DRTS. One person was injured and had been taken to the hospital. The work which is still at the first storey stage is DRTS’s new office but the technical oversight is that of FCDA. It is a partial collapse; it is not all the building that collapsed." Emetu said.

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