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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

France President Emmanuel Macron Receives Zuriels 0.7% Campaign Message

As he prepares for his first overseas trip - to Africa, President Emmanuel Macron has continued to receive messages of goodwill from world leaders since taking office. One message that was not expected however was quietly received away from the media spotlight - a simple message from Girl Education Advocate & Film Maker, 14 year old Zuriel Oduwole.

Zuriel has added her voice to a fresh campaign to remind President Macron of France's commitment to spend 0.7% of its GNI as AID to developing countries that need it most, being part of the 29 member states of the OECD countries who had already made the pledge.

Speaking on why she lent her voice, she said “I am not asking them to just give money you know.  I am asking the French Government to give support especially for Education, because if children are not educated today, then who would lead the countries and the global institutions tomorrow” Zuriel explained.

Earlier in 2017, Zuriel visited Ethiopia, Egypt and Nigeria where she worked to identify projects that her Foundation could support, and where funding could come from multilateral agencies, that support such programs. She believes that if all Children are Educated, especially Girls, then all citizens can become more productive members of society.

Last month in Paris, she spoke alongside Bill & Melinda Gates at a youth event that drew 500,000 people pre-event, to talk about the power of youths a few days before the Presidential elections.

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