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Seyi Law bares his thought on so much hate & lack of peace in this generation

Top comedian, Seyi Law has bared his thoughts to his fans on social media, on why there is so much hate and lack of peace, love in this generation. Read below…

"Why is our hand faster for the sword than the hoe?

Why are we swift to pull down than laying the bricks?

We speak without thoughts and no thoughts to listen. 

We don't see the danger in our words, but hold on to the anger it bred.

We are a generation quick to blame yet, lazy to make amends.

What is the fun in casting down another just for lip praise?

We want to light our bulbs, but rejoice when another's candle is blown out.

What happened to the humanity that used to flow with emotions? 

Why do we allow the poverty of money rob us of the richness of the heart?

A heart that can think right can rise about the sadness of lack.

Freedom is truly not available because we are in the bondage of Life and Death.

Only a mind enlightened with the understanding of time and it's seasons will truly be liberated.

A man who knows not his true identity cannot be truly enlightened. 

I know my tribe is not the same as knowing who you really are. 

If you don't know yourself, you can't build yourself talk more of another person.

Let's find ourselves first, refine us and together, we can build a better future for us.

Let's build up and refrain from casting down."


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