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Friday, 7 April 2017

Nigerian couple tortures their 3-month-old baby in US

A couple identified as 33-year-old, Arinola and her husband, Olalekan Olawusi, were recently arrested in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, for abusing their three-month-old baby.

On April 3, Olalekan made a frantic call to the Providence police department stating that his baby, Tobiloba, wasn't breathing and didn't even have a pulse.

Tobiloba was resuscitated by firefighters on their way to the Hasbro Children's Hospital. The special assistant to the chief of the office's child abuse unit, Shannon Signore, said he was in a terrible state, as he had bite marks, a fractured skull, some broken ribs and broken arms and legs.

Arinola told the police that Olalekan had pulled their baby's legs to "make him grow and be strong," she also said he bit the child.

The Olawusis were brought before the court on April 4, following police investigations. The child's mother was arraigned in a family court and charged with child neglect, while her husband was arraigned in a district court and charged with first and second degree child abuse

Olalekan was ordered to surrender his Nigerian passport, while bail was set at $40,000 (N15 million). They have been ordered not to make any contact with the baby, while their older child was placed in the foster care of one of their relatives.

According to the spokesperson of the state Department of Children, Youth and Families, Denis Riel, they have been involved with the Olawusi family since Tobiloba's birth. See this video of a woman who lost four of her children on the same day

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