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Photos: Baby born with full hair like wig

This adorable eight-month-old girl was born with much hair that strangers often think she is wearing a wig. Her mother Philippa Rabbitts, from Chelmsford, Essex, said daughter Bella turns head wherever she goes with her thick black locks.

She saud she is stoppd at least 'five times' whenever she takes her daughter out - and has to convince passers-by the is all natural.

People genuinely think she's a doll when they see her,' Philippa said. 'I always get asked if she's wearing a wig, and if her bunches are stuck on.

'No matter where we go we get stopped at least five times because of her hair, everyone's first reaction is just like: "Oh my God, is that real?"'

Bella has been the centre of attention since the day she was born, when midwives queued up to take a look at the 'hariest baby' they had ever seen.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Incredible incident man. I would say this is a pure miracle. I have never seen a baby born with that long hair. I'm totally surprised.

  2. It is of little ponder that the vast majority of the characters in the part of shows of yester-years wore cosplay wigs. bob wigs