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Oby Ezekwesili commiserates with family of Medical Doctor who committed suicide

Oby Ezekwesili has commiserated with the family of the medical doctor, who jumped into the lagoon and took his own life on Sunday. In series of tweets on social media, Ezekwesili said people should pay close attention to each other and know, observe something and organize for help and encouragement. According to her, if someone noticed any changes in his mental health and state of mind, he might have been save.

"My heart goes out to the family of our fellow citizen, the medical doctor that took his own life yesterday in Lagos. We pray God's comfort.

I wish someone had somehow OBSERVED something and been able to organize help, love, encouragement...I mean extended him HOPE. I really wish.

It is tough coping with the hustle&bustle of today's world. So we hardly OBSERVE state of mind of others but we actually should. Always. Someone in field of mental health once told me that he's worried about escalating rate of suicide among the younger segment of our society.

WE all should extend ourselves a little more despite our own personal pressures. Without becoming intrusive, just show a LITTLE MORE CARE. While we lag in Development in Africa, one thing we never lacked was ethos of COMMUNITY. We are fast losing it & that worsens our situation.

Let's reach out and touch somebody's hand & make the world a better place as often as we can. You might save a life without ever knowing.

God will help the family our doctor friend left behind to heal. God will give peace to his mom especially. It is hardest on mothers." She said. 

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