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Kim Kardashian reveals why she's talking about her robbery incident

Kim Kardashian West has made good use of the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to talk about her Paris robbery ordeal. As her fans are wondering why she is opening up on the incident now, she has disclosed it was important for her to share the story though her eyes and not in an interview where her words could be twisted.

"Tonight's episode is going to be very tough for me. However, I thought it was important to share this story through my eyes & not in an interview where my own words could be twisted.

"I have always shared so much & I'm not going to hold back when this was probably one of the most life changing experiences for me. I would never wish this experience upon anyone, but have learned some valuable lessons &feel so blessed to be safe home w my babies & husband.

"To my friends, family, and loved ones I can't thank you enough for being there when I needed you the most. To the French police, thank you for your incredible hard work," she wrote on Twitter. 

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