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Kim Kardashian reveals fresh facts about her Paris robbery in KUWTK Clip

Kim Kardashian thought the sound of Paris robbers breaking into her apartment was a drunken Kourtney in an ordeal that left her fearing for her life.

In a new Keeping Up With The Kardashian clip, she confides in sisters Kourtney and Khloe that she was woken by loud pounding, which she initially believed was Kourtney coming back from a raucous night out.

She said: 'I was lying in bed like, ‘Should I wash my face? I’m so tired'... and ten minutes later I was dozing, dozing and then I heard pounding up the stairs. I thought it was you (Kourtney) and Stephanie, drunk.' 

After calling out to who she thought was her sister and friend, she grew increasingly concerned when she didn't get a answer.

'My heart started to get really tense, like, you know your stomach just kind of like knots up and you’re like, "okay, what’s going on?"  

'I knew something wasn't quite right.'

She was confronted by the sight of two men holding down another man dressed in police uniform.

 'I slid off my bed and picked up my phone and I’m like, "I don’t know how to call 911 in a different country." 

The curvaceous star tried to call her bodyguard Pascal Duvier but her phone was snatched away and thrown onto the bed, leaving her terrified she would be killed. 

 'He grabbed the phone from me and threw me on the bed. I was like "this is it"'

She spoke to the robbers through the concierge who said they kept asking 'where the rapper's wife was'.

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