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If We Don't Mobilise for good of this Country, most Nigerians go chop sand sand – Charly Boy

We MUST begin to mobilize for the good of this country; or else most Nigerians go chop sand sand before this year end. So join us at www.ourmumudondo.org as we lead the Revolution of the willing.

The Senate is not a friend of the people; they are our enemies; Politicians are not friends they are our enemies and the fight against the evil in our country that have bastardized our Humanity must be fought with dedication, determination and desire by a willing few to see real change.

All whistle blowers, whip out your whistles, its time to make some noise. If the people will not rise up and fight Injustice; they will never be served properly by politicians. I am ready to fight. I am ready to #OccupyNass; I am Ready to hold the Line and get Nigerians to hold Senators and all people in leadership position accountable.

My fear is not death; My fear is not the bullet that will silence me; It is the inability of the suffering docile Nigerian to wake up from their mental slavery, It is the inability of the Nigerian people to fight for their rights; It is the Insanity of the evil demonic politicians who offer nothing to the average Nigerian but use them as Political pawns that I am afraid of.

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