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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Wrestler, Big Van Vader says he has Congestive Heart & has 2 year to live

Wrestler, Big Van Vader has announced he has less than two years to live as he has a heart ailment that has worn out his heart.

Leon White, a former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) star said this on Twitter Monday that he was told by cardiologists that he has two years life expectancy.

"Told by 2 heart Drs at this time that my heart is wore out from [football] & wrestling I have 2 yrs to live, [congestive heart] failure reality. 

Told by 2 heart Drs that my heart is wore out Ihave been given less than two yrs to live Iam only now allowing this as part of my reality," he announced on Twitter. 

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