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Teacher punches & sits on Student to him listen

A school teacher, Lisa Allison has been fired and facing criminal charges after for punching a student in the face with a fist and sitting on him in the school hallway in Texas. The 48-year-old teacher reportedly told the boy that she is tired of him, before grabbing him and punching him on the face, forced him to the ground before sitting on him.

She was charged on Monday with injury to a child after the shocking ordeal was caught on camera at Landis Elementary School earlier this month, KTRK reported.

The video alleged the child sitting on the floor in the hallway as Allison bends over to say something to him. The boy reportedly stands up with his backpack and walks away when Allison grabs his hand and near the back of his neck as he attempts get away from her.

The video shows the pair engaging in a scuffle before Allison is seen punching the second grader 'with a closed fist' on the right side of his face, authorities said.

She then allegedly pushes him to the ground and sits on him. 

Administrators eventually come into the hallway and tell her to get off the boy who then walked calmly as he was escorted to the office, according to documents. 

Allison told authorities she had only gone into the hallway to take the child to the office and did not remember hitting him. However, she admitted to holding him down, authorities said.

The school district said Allison was 'immediately placed on leave' after administrators learned of the allegations. 

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