Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Senate condemns Telecoms' Data Tariffs increase, halts New Tariff Approval

The Senate has on Wednesday condemned in its totality the increase of data tariffs by the service providers – Telecoms companies in tandem with the Nigerian Communications Commission policies. 

Senate resolved to halt the new tariff approval, mandating the Committee on Communications (NCC) to carry out thorough oversight on the process to ensure that Nigerians are carried along in the process.

"It is very important that we protect the people that brought us here this is the height of irresponsibility by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) at this time without any consultation from the statistics it is almost four times the price.” Senate President, Bukola Saraki stated.


  1. There r no such tin as leaders in this country

  2. This government is deliberately creating hardship for the masses

  3. I think it's time Buhari is called to order. If not...everything will go down.

  4. That's just the best thing.