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Monday, 7 November 2016

Robbery gone wrong: Robber loses gun & bundled out of crime scene

Robbing, obviously did not pay off for a robber, who not only tried to rob an empty gas station, but had his gun taken from him by the first customer to arrive. He first wandered around the empty gas station with no idea of what to do.

The video showed him pacing behind the counter, pulling out a shotgun, and inspected the office - but there was no-one there.  He looked in a stock room in the back, but again - no-one. He tried a door, but it was locked .

While he was searching a back room one more time, a customer pullsed up out front and came in, waiting obliviously at the register for the missing clerk. 

While thinking the customer will be easy to be robbed, he bundled him out the front doors, grabed the gun and sent him flying.

The video ends with a repeated shot of the robber scampering off into the night, utterly defeated. 

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