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Friday, 4 November 2016

Robber steals 85-year-old blind man's safe & wheelchair

Ventura Fernandez, an 85-year-old blind man from Oxnard, California was robbed of his wheelchair and two safes on Tuesday morning.

Problem started when his dog started barking uncontrollably, "At first the dog was barking a lot and I kept on telling him to be quiet, but the guy had already come in I guess," Fernandez said.

“That’s why the dog wouldn’t be quiet. Until I felt something in the room and I said, ‘Who is it?’ And the guy just tells me, ‘Give me the key to the safe, give me the key to the safe, " according to KEYT, a local TV station.

The intruder had entered his home through his screen window and entered the bedroom. It remains unclear to Fernandez how the man knew he kept safes in his home.

The retired construction worker, who lost his vision to cataracts, said he didn’t have the keys because his son had them.

What he did have was about $70 in change, a watch worth about $400 and his passport, which were in the safes. The robber punched him in the face, then used his wheelchair to cart his two safes away.

Neighbors came to learn of the incident and by night a friend brought Fernandez a used wheelchair.

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