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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Prince’s Record Label sues Jay Z for illegal use of Singer’s songs on Tidal

The record label of late Prince has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, Jay Z over his use of the late singer’s music on Tidal without authorization. The suit claims copyright infringement and seeks to have the music removed from the streaming service.

Jay-Z's company has been illegally streaming all of Prince's music since June 2016, according to TMZ. Nearly every song Prince ever recorded is currently available to stream on Tidal. 

However, before Prince's death, an agreement between NPG Records, which represents the late Purple Rain hit-maker, and Jay-Z's Roc Nation agreed that Tidal could stream one album.

Permission was given to Tidal to stream 'Hit N Run: Phase 1', which was the last album Prince ever recorded, according to court documents. 

However, NPG claims Roc Nation took this to mean it could stream all of the singer's music but the record label disputes this.  

NPG claims this was never authorized but Roc Nation says it has 'oral and written' permission, although it has yet to produce the material.

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