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Monday, 14 November 2016

Pregnant Woman suffers second degree burns after falling asleep while charging her iPhone 7

A pregnant woman from Sydney, Melanie Tan Pelaez, claims she suffered second degree burns from her iPhone 7 after falling asleep with it while it was charging. Ms Tan Pelaez took to Facebook to share her experience to make sure others were aware of her terrible incident. 

In the morning she awoke with a pins and needles sensation in her right arm before spotting the bright red burns and welts and heading to hospital, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Ms Tan Pelaez went to the hospital and she was told to check around her bed to find what could have caused the mark of the burn.  After inspection and checking what fits with her burns she thinks the iPhone 7 and the power cord were the cause of the second degree burn. 

After finding what could be the cause, Ms Tan Pelaez went to Apple, according to News.com.au.

'Apple took my phone and details, but said it couldn't have been the phone because it didn't have a distinct smell,' she told the publication.  I then got a call from a member of the executive team who told me they were now handing the matter and had sent the phone to a senior technician in California for testing.' 

The horrific burns have left her with a scar, which she has now been to the plastic surgeon to find out her options. 
Apple are working with her to investigate the incident. 

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