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#PrayForKanye: Fans pour prayers of quick recovery for Kanye West

Following Kanye West hospitalization in Los Angeles, his fans have created a hashtag #PrayForKanye to wish him quick recovery. This is coming after it has been rumoured that Mr. West is suffering from something more complicated and serious than exhaustion.

According to DailyMail, he appears to be having ‘psychotic behaviour’ , his close friends say.

As hundreds of messages pour on Twitter, many people are saying the rapper has had a personal influence on their lives through his art.

'Kanye being hospitalized really ruined my day. Dude's music and interviews have influenced me more than anything,' @SimplyPutzke wrote, while @AverageSamson wrote, 'Kanye's music changed my life and I look up to him and his ambition. Mental illness isn't anything to mess with. Get well soon.'

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