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Photos: Yul Edochie shoots Ninos Commercial with Daughter

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, who recently signed an endorsement contract with Ninos, an electronics company that manufactures smart tablets and Gps watches for children, has e paired with his daughter to shoot the first commercial for company recently, to connect with the kids.

"The Niños smart watch allows you to track your kids location in real time. In this era of kidnapping and security concerns this can give you great relief. You can call them and they can call you. Its like your kids having a phone on their wrist! You can set a geo fence around them and if they pass the area you get a notification!

They also have a discreet SOS button on the watch which sends you an alert when the kids press it...
Did I mention that it has a camera too? It's simply amazing.. I cant stop recommending it," he explained.