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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Photos: Firefighters remove steel nut from 5-yr-old Boy’s finger

A five-year-old boy had to face firefighters, who removed a steel nut, which he forced onto one his fingers with a power tool. The Stamford Fire Department says the boy used a screw gun-type power tool on Sunday to thread the 3/8-inch nut onto an index finger past the first knuckle.

He was taken to Stamford Hospital but staff couldn't remove the nut, so they called in the fire department.

A four-person crew arrived at one of the hospital's pediatric emergency room and managed to get it off without hurting the boy.

Doctors stopped trying to pull off the coil after swelling became such an issue that they called the fire department for help, according Daily Mail.

The boy was sedated, and firefighters cut the nut using a rotary tool. They used saline to dissipate the heat and a metal dipstick to protect the boy's finger.

Officials say two cuts were made to spread the nut. It then slid off the child's finger. No further injury was caused during the extrication process, according to the fire department. 

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