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Monday, 28 November 2016

Movie Producer, Suzanne Dakessian suffers critical injuries on set

The New York television producer, Suzanne Dakessian has suffered critical injuries after a homemade cannon exploded, sending a heavy chunk of metal hurtling towards her.

She is recovering from her horrific injuries after she was hit by a flying piece of shrapnel while covering a pumpkin cannon competition. She was rushed to hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to remove part of her skull due to brain swelling. 

The 39-year-old went onto astound her doctors; not only did she survive her serious head injury, but is awake and speaking. 

Dakessian was covering the 2016 World Championship Punkin Chunkin for the Science Channel - on November 6. The annual event, which features huge catapults, slingshots, cannons and other devices, created by teams competing to fling a pumpkin the furthest.

The Science Channel has since canceled its planned television special of Delaware's Punkin Chunkin contest.

However, Dakessian says that she is disappointed with the channels decision.

'The days of the chunk, I was working 15-hour days, and to not see the product after all that blood, CNN.
sweat and tears that went into that show, I'm really bummed out about it,' she told

'It's heartbreaking,' added Dakessian, who was supervising a camera crew for Sharp Entertainment, the firm producing the special for the Science Channel. 'I was really looking forward to seeing what came from all that hard work I put in.'

Delaware State Police said in a statement that the trap door of the 'Pumpkin Reaper' cannon separated as a pumpkin launched at the competition. 

The shocking video footage captured the moment that the cannon exploded, striking Dakessian in the head, and a 56-year-old man who sustained non-life threatening injuries. Screams could be heard from the crowd as the crowd watched the piece of metal hurtle towards the TV producer. 

'I tried to run and I didn't make it,' said Dakessian, who was in Christiana Hospital in Stanton, Delaware, until Friday when she moved to a rehabilitation facility in New Jersey.

Source: Daily Mail

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